All in a day’s work

Yesterday as the city was struggling with the serial bomb blasts, in the office campus we had the chance to meet the first woman police officer of India – Dr. Kiran Bedi. She had been invited to inspire us. The employees gave an overwhelming response – after all most of us have grown up hearing and reading about her. She has been an inspiration to at least one whole generation of India. There was no space to keep even a foot in the location where she was at the podium. So I had to miss that part 😦 .
Thankfully however, there was a separate session for women employees a little later! So I went for that with other female colleagues. And it was truly amazing to see her, interact with her, listening to her anecdotes :-). There was not one female who would have not identified with some or the other aspect of her life as a women professional. She had all of us spell bound. I have listened to many people giving lectures but never had I been so attentive as to her’s. Probably because she was giving practical advice instead of idealistic blabber. The time passed away so fast that we felt it was too less. We had so many things to ask her but she also was hard pressed for time as she had a flight to catch.
Nonetheless, it was time well-spent.
After that however, the rest of the evening was slightly problematic – me reaching home after a friend drove me for 45 minutes (Bangalore starts racing with snails to see who moves slower, when it rains!) for covering distance of 5 km! Then on reaching the flat, I realised that I didn’t have the key with me. So had to sit on the staircase for half an hour waiting for my flatmate to get inside the house. Enough action for a day – nasty bomb blasts, the nice lecture, the drive, then the waiting [ah and forgot, three people’s birthdays (a friend, a cousin and a colleague, apart from Somnath Chatterjee)]. Let’s see what the weekend brings 🙂


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