A nice summer afternoon

The summer time in Germany is not like the summer that India is used to. Summer in India (at least the plains of Northern India) are quite predictable – they will be HOT! The summer season in Germany can have all kinds of days in it – ranging from hot to humid to rainy. (In fact I experienced something known as Schafskälte. It means Sheep’s cold – coming from the fact that this cold part of the season comes immediately after the sheep have been shorn and so need to be kept inside to protect them from cold. I had to buy a sweater for that in JUNE! That would be something which will make one receive incredulous looks from people in India :-)) Then there can also be days when the weather would be ugly with the sky being overcast with dark clouds. Similarly there would be days when you would need the fan. It’s like this – you can experience everything in the month of June.
So much for the prelude, now to the real story. Having been exposed to all the kinds of weathers, the people become really happy when there are some days with the sun shining for the entire day (taken for granted in India). That would be termed as a nice summer day. Now to really understand the meaning, I had the good chance of experiencing it myself. On one such nice afternoon, my boss decided to take me out in the countryside – he termed it the “Roadshow” :-). So we went towards the northern part of Black Forest. We started with a small picnic – in which we had strawberries and Johannesberries in the shade of trees, on a small hill looking over a sleepy village called Loffenom.

Then we went ahead towards a village called Gernsbach and saw the factory where he started his career and the house where he lived. We sat down to have some ice-cream in the village square (he informed me that during summers one can find lots of Italian ice-cream parlours with excellent ice-creams). I had a huge bowl of Tiramisu ice-cream. Thereafter

we moved on and then reached a reached a reservoir for a powerplant.
Moving ahead we reached a place called Buehlertal where we took a view over the valley of the Black Forest and also found a
waterfall! Then we started the way back stopping for a while in Baden Baden and then carrying on till Karlsruhe where we had dinner at an Italian restaurant. I can’t recall the name of the restaurant but the pizza was called “Cosa Nostra”! That was at around 9 PM and we still had daylight around us.
This “roadshow” was what made me understand the meaning of a “Nice Summer Evening”, which I’d read so often in novels by English authors – but without really understanding it. Now, whenever I would come across the term, I know what to think of and which will bring forth a smile:).


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