BIAL – First hand experience

Another reason to feel nostalgic about the dear old HAL airport is that at the moment I am sitting at the BIAL – thirsty and with no drinking water after the immigration check. After a really long wait (two hours forty five minutes) at the check-in queue (there was some sort of a system failure), I did not think about exploring the ground floor of the airport and came straight to the second floor where one has to pay the “dakshina” in the name of “User Development Fee” – and what do you get in lieu of that – no water!
Tip to the future users of BIAL – carry water with you and if possible a folding mat to sit on because you never know how long you need to wait in the queue.
Even though you would be awed by the size of the airport and all the shining floors, freezing temperatures, and above all – no mosquitoes (At HAL airport, after the immigration check, one was administered huge doses of mosquito injections – to check if you are really fit to travel), but as they say, don’t give food to someone who is thirsty!
Anyways, so let’s see what next is on my much longer do I have to wait before I can enjoy the much hyped service of the airlines that I have to board and which co-incidentally, has been delayed.
Also, the so called free wi-fi is not working. I am merely recording the experience in a word document to be uploaded later.
As an Indian (here the property of holding the destiny responsible for all events), I can easily attribute all the hardships, to the anger of Gods for not breaking the ceremonial coconut at the temple before I embarked on this journey!
[ But they say that BIAL had the coconut breaking ceremony – then why could the Gods want a separate one from me – User Development Fee? I wonder.]


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