Opening of Bengaluru’s new airport – countdown

As the clock is ticking by, I am sitting at my home listeing (and sometimes watching) the planes passing by, that have the permission to land at the HAL airport. However, very little time is left when this familiar (sometimes annoying :-)) noise will be gone. Even though it was annoying in the beginning but having borne continuous assault (on the ear) by the blaring FM channels being played by the bus-waalah, the mind-blowing horns blown by the bus/lorry/cab/auto drivers, I had become quite used to this noise of the planes which were about to land (no points for guessing that HAL airport is close-by).
So as one feels while parting with all the things which one gets used to over time – good or not so good – I am feeling a little nostalgic and thinking of the times:
when the airport used to be a reachable place (one of my friends happened to mention that once he even walked to the airport because the autorickshaw waalahs were annoying him!),
when you didn’t have to pay taxes to enter the airport (BIAL will be charging 675 INR for domestic and 1070 INR for international departures until God knows when!)
and when you could leave home even one hour before the flight and still be in time!
A generation in Bangalore would have seen the emergence of HAL airport till the time it became an easily accessible part of the city from being some place outside the city and now their next generation would see the same happening for the new one.
Ath Shree BIAL Gaatha!


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