Man does not live by bread alone..he needs butter too!

As a person who likes good food, I have explored quite many places in Bangalore. At my workplace too, I am part of a team which is quite a fun loving team. Hence we keep going out for team lunches and outings. But every time we are faced with a dilemma, which I am sure, many of you would have also faced, especially those, who are given the task of organizing the outing. The dilemma is the “Location”! People are ready to go but the place always remains a question mark as people like to explore new places instead of going to the tried and tested ones. So I decided to post some of the experiences that I have had – with my team at office as well as with friends.I am listing the restaurants in order of the quality of food, service, and the ambience:Buffet:
The Mark Boulevard – EPIP area, Whitefield [***** ]
Three Quarter Chinese – Church Street [***]
Sindbad – ITPL [***]
Radha Hometel – EPIP area, Whitefield [**]
Fortune – EPIP area, Whitefield [**]
Herbs and Spices – ITPL Road [**]
Unwind Zone – Outer Ring Road [**]
Zero G [ ]
H2O – Marathahalli [ ]

A-la Carte:
Samarkand – Infantry Road [*****]
Golconda Chimney – Marathahalli [****]
Oye Amritsar – Church Street [****]
Sahib Sindh Sultan – Forum [****]
Tandoor – M.G. Road [****]
Jalsa – Outer Ring Road [***]

Other places which I like are:
China Pearl – Koramangala [****] (For Chinese Food Lovers)
Magnolia – Koramangala [****] (Chinese and Thai Food)
Desmond’s – Koramangala [****] (Continental Food)
Bayleaf – Koramangala [***]
Queen’s – Church Street [***] (Food is real good but place is very small)
Mast Kalandar – Bannerghatta Road [***] (For a small group of three to four people)
Sukh Sagar – Koramangala [***] (Food is good and service is fast – vegetarian)
Now may be with this list, it is a little easier for the readers to decide their next place of dining, without having to regret the choice like we’ve had to in the absence of a review. Happy feasting J.


One thought on “Man does not live by bread alone..he needs butter too!

  1. Hi Shweta, Thank god this confusion never happened with our team…reason is simple..very less team outing. I have never heard about “The Mark Boulevard” just like I still dont know how to use facebook. I need to step out and work on some plans.Your list is definitely going to be helpful.Regards,Ankit


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