Smelly Cat Smelly Cat

Well just as a point to ponder, what would you think as the cause of all the troubles of this world?
Someone might think – money (lack or the abundance of it). Someone else may think power. Some others might even come up with the bright idea of having the hands of foreign forces behind it (the cause of all problems in India according to politicians!).
But if I am asked for my opinion, I would say that I smell something behind that. No no, don’t come to any conclusions yet. What I mean is that, my wisdom of the short life that I’ve lived on this earth says that one gets into trouble when one gets an enhanced sense of smell as compared to others!
Let me explain. Now, think over this: what was the cause of Adam and Eve having been banished from the Eden gardens? Scriptures say that it was because Eve wanted to taste the forbidden fruit (which many believe was an apple). Now, think a little more. Why would Eve have wanted to eat that fruit? Just because it was forbidden? Come on, just stretch the imagination a little more. Why do you want to eat a freshly baked pizza, or why do you feel nice when your mom is cooking, or now apart from cooking, why do you feel nice when the first drops of rain touch the dry earth or when there is a breeze while you are in a garden?
I think you would have guessed it by now. It is the smell!
The smell of freshly baked goodies, the smell of your mom’s cooking, the smell of soil which rises to fill your nostrils when the first drops of water fall on it, the smell of the flowers which waft in the air when the breeze touches them. And similarly, Eve would also have wanted that fruit because of its overpowering smell. Till the time she could not have smelt that fruit, all was well and both of them were living happily in the garden of Eden. But as soon as the fruit became ripe, due to her awakened sense of smell, Eve became desperate to have it and that was the precursor of all the troubles that their children would have to face.
Now you might say, that the things which I have listed above are pleasant things – food, walking in the garden, smelling the earth while the drops of water fall on it. How can then “smell” be a troublemaker? Let me explain more. The people who are not too sensitive to smell, are quite happy with what is there and would not miss something which is not there. But the sufferers are those who have once smelt something great and then they pine for it all their lives – those who succeed to get it, get nirvana while those who don’t, keep coming back again and again to smell that thing once more.
And do not be misled by the assumption that you can smell only tangible things like food and flowers. It could be the scent of things like power or money or success – there are innumerable possibilities.
There must be something behind the proverbs like – “smelling a rat” or “there is something fishy here”! Or the fact that in India, the nose is considered the most important body part (If one is publicly humiliated, then they metaphorically say “naak kat gayee”!). Ancient wisdom cannot be wrong!
Well, I hope that I have put you on the trail of a “scent” and you will now hold the wee nose in a bigger esteem. Keep smelling :-).


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