Idling around

Sometimes it really makes me wonder how people come up with such innovative ideas as to put on the signboards on the gates of their homes (not talking of flats but independent houses). Probably as they say “Necessity is the mother of invention”, applies to this as well.
I will directly come to the point which I am trying to put through, with an example. A few years back, one of my neighbors had a beautiful garden with lots of exquisite plants. But lots of people who came to the house (the paperwaala, the salesmen, the postman etc.) had the careless and really annoying habit of leaving the gate open. Now in India as we all know, the goats and cows are left by their owners (the doodhwaalas) to stroll and have some excursions of their own. So, many a times it happened that the goats got the chance to have a nice salad, (as the appetiser or as main course, who knows), out of the expensive plants which my neighbor had. So finally when he understood that his appeal of telling people everyday to close the gate, was falling on deaf ears, he got a signboard painted thus – “Please close the gates. The goats are vegetarian”. We had a real good laugh at that, but I can’t say whether those people, for whom it was intended, got the message or not.
I remembered this incident because today again I saw a message on a gate about parking. There is this residential colony which is close to a market place. So lots of people park their vehicles there and go on foot to the market. This sometimes makes it difficult for the house owners to park or take out their vehicles. So most of the houses there have the signboard saying – “No parking in front of the gate”. But this house stood apart by having this message on the signboard – “No Parking. Not 5 minutes. Not 30 seconds. Not at all”. Probably the owner got tired of people giving him these excuses, so he decided to make it crystal clear by putting it on the board.
Then again, there was this house, on whose gate I saw the picture of a dog and written below it “Tiger”. Message was clear.
Also, there was this home outside which it was written – “Salesmen need not ring the bell. It uses electricity”. There are numerous other instances like this. But probably I will list them some other time. At the moment I leave it to the readers to tell me if they have come across such unusual signboards and what were the messages :-).


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