Lead India

  1. The day which is “Today” saw the start of the war for the new Leader of India the “Star One” channel. In fact I had been asking myself since the last few days as to what happened to the “Lead India” program or rather the movement started by the Times of India, but just kept forgetting to look for it on the internet. So when I heard about the final battle being telecasted this Saturday, even though I had decided but forgot at the exact moment to be infront of the TV bang at 8:00 PM :-).
    The program was supposed to be launched by Amitabh Bachhan, but being five minutes late, I don’t know whether I missed that part or whether it was removed from the schedule at the last minute.
    Nonetheless, it was anchored by Anupam Kher and he did not disappoint.
    The judges on the panel are – Dr. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Javed Akhtar and Mr. Vikas Singh.
    This week, four of the finalists were introduced and next week we would meet the other four.
    The four finalists who were introduced in the first episode are:
    1) Dr. Soumya Mishra – who is the Superintendent of Police at Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. Her major achievement has been the surrender of the naxalites in the district, which had been a sore point for the Police, for quite a long time. She talks of keeping spirituality in daily life. Her one desire is to do something for the betterment of the tribal women.
    2) Sanjiv Kaura – He is an ex-CEO of some multinational, the name of which was not disclosed. He has also been the lieutenant in the Indian Army. Currently his mission is to provide education to all the children of India. Major achievement has been to drive the movement which led to the amendment in the Indian constitution, making basic education the fundamental right of all Indians.
    3) Dipayan Dey – He is an Environmentalist from Kolkata. He is an IIT graduate and has worked in an MNC before moving his complete focus towards saving the environment, specifically the wetlands of Kolkata. He has a poetic bend of mind and believes in the goodness in the hearts of all people.
    4) Ujjawal Bannerjee – He is working as the HR manager of an NGO Akansha which works for the child rights. He is an ex employee of TCS and also holds an MBA degree. His stress is on providing all round education to the children and believes in the ability of the public sector to achieve this.

One of the candidates said something really deep – that to lead the country the leader should himself be happy and satisfied with his life. I agree with that – someone who is into politics only to make himself prosperous, can never work towards the growth of the country, which is the character of the majority of people that the current Indian politics comprises.

Mr. Javed Akhtar seemed to be impressed with the answers to his questions given by Sanjiv and Dipayan but Soumya could not convince him(nor me, but that does not matter).
Let’s see what unfolds in the next episodes and is certainly something to look forward to, as compared to the other so called reality shows which are available a dozen a dime.
Hope the country gets what is promised by this movement – a leader who will not lead because he does not have anything else to do, but because he has the capability of taking the nation forward.

P.S. Probably Javed Akhtar will also get a break from judging the singing talents of India, as I am getting a break from having to see something other than budding singers, dancers and stand-up comedians of India!


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