New world needs new ideas

Recently I saw one advertisement by some dog loving organization on the television which appealed to people to adopt stray dogs. I wondered that in the last 20 years since I have been watching television, I have never once come across one single advertisement which encourages people towards the adoption of babies of their own species!
This really set me thinking on what makes humans different from animals.
Animals have been sometimes seen to take care of babies of other species – generally when the mother of the baby has died. This has been observed in animals in the wild as well as in captivity.
But generally it is within the herds of the same species that the animals take care of all the babies of the herd, especially if the mother is dead.
Then what is it with humans that they have severe problems in accepting an orphan? They will be so willing to get a cat or a dog but when it comes to adoption of a human child, most of the common people will become apathetic.
I have seen only one couple – a middle class family – in my life till now, who when they were unable to conceive a child themselves, went ahead and adopt a child, instead of wasting time and money on fertility treatments. Or it could be that there was no treatment available and they wanted to have a child, so they went ahead with adoption. But in general, you would not find people who can digest the idea of adoption.
Even more rare would be to find someone who does not have any fertility problems but who still would go ahead and adopt.
[And here I am not talking of Brangelina or Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise or Madonna who are high profile and may have something other than compassion (publicity for example) too in their minds when they went for adoptions. Nonetheless they have given the hope of a better life to those children whose futures might have been bleak otherwise, in say, Somalia! ]
So what is it which makes people crave for having their own offspring? What is the big achievement that they get when they give birth to their own child?
I am sure that scientists will come up with an answer to this in terms of survival and reproduction and blah blah blah.. but if you think of the big picture – in today’s world, do these things really have any meaning -to have someone to carry on your family name or to have the cremation done by your own son (hindu ritual) in order to reach heaven post death?
My understanding is that all these ideas were created to encourage humans to save their species from extinction but that was in the day and age when there were more deaths due to lack of medical facilities or medicinal know-how, and due to epidemics and natural calamities which used to wipe out entire villages/cities!
But in today’s world, with enhanced medical know-how, with quite lessened instances of epidemics/natural calamities, when in a country like India, there are more people than the country can afford to clothe, feed and educate, I feel that we need a new set of ideas – which would make people encouraged towards providing the next generation – not only your own progeny but also who are unfortunate enough to have been thrown into this world without anyone to think of their future – with a better life and that I think would be a better way to carry on your name after you are no more in this world physically, or to reach heaven, if that is what common people really want to achieve in the end.


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