Sixty Years of Indian Independence

There have been so many celebrations going on because we have reached the sixtieth year of independence. Celebrations even in the Great Britain!
We have been invaded so many times and have been under so many rulers that we have lost count of that ourselves. May be people thought with the British gone, we are finally independent and so let’s celebrate that day.
But, are we really independent?
May be yes – if one considers that there was one time when at certain places, there used to be a sign saying – “Dogs and Indians not allowed”. Or when you had to fight in a world war because you were part of the British Raj, even though the war had nothing to do with you. Or having to grow indigo on your farming land until the land became completely infertile to grow anything else because your British landlord found it bringing good cash to him.
There may be a thousand more reasons which may make one feel that it is an occasion to celebrate – the day the British left us to take care of our country ourselves.
But do we truly have a reason to celebrate?
The difference between then and today is that then the division was in the name of nationality or color of skin, now it is in the name of castes or sects or religion. But may be that division itself is the reason why the country had successful invaders – who plundered, ruled and then left the country for another invader. The hypocisy and cowardice of its people was the reason for it being captured again and again.
The people of a country which has amalgamated so many cultures within itself, which could have been because of the might of the invaders and not because of the high “tolerance” quotient of the people, are still so much divided inside.
Even today, most of the women in India – don’t have the independence to do what they want – first they have to do what is their parent’s will, then it becomes the in-laws’ or husband’s will. And this is not in terms of careers or anything else, it is visible even in a very small thing such as the clothes they can or cannot wear! Or graver still – whether they can give birth to a female child or not!
When you have to fight – in an independent nation – to be able to do what your heart desires, then what kind of an independence is that?
A nation where so many people have to fight everyday to get one meal of the day, a nation whose population is exploding because of the ignorance, a nation where so many people are without any constructive work to do and thus are set to the path of destruction, a nation where people would do anything to get fake certificates to get admissions in places which are reserved for a certain class of the society, a nation where the rulers themselves are criminals, a nation whose people are hypocrite enough to share the glory of achievement of someone who had some teeny-weeny Indian connection but not encourage their female folks to go forward – and the list is endless – how can such a nation be called Independent – when there is no spirit of Independence?
When the British ruled and did something which the Indians would not like, they could say that they were foreigners and would not understand the Indian heart. But when our own people do something which we do not like, what is left to be said?
I am waiting for that Independence which would not be displayed in the unfurling of the flag or commemorating one day, but the independence which we would feel in our hearts – the independence of choice, the independence from narrow mindedness, the independence from the shackles of age-old social / religious customs which were there for a cause when they were introduced but have no relevance now, the independence to make my nation as developed as it has the potential to be.

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  1. Independence does not mean that we are going to be free of problems. it means that we are free to fight against these. We have freedom to change something or rather freedom to try changing something that is not correct.“I am waiting for that Independence ………..” — the wait will never be over if everyone just waits for such things. This is the thing I hate most, i.e. people using words like “bhagwan sab theek kar denge” or “wait, everything will be alright”. No one is going to fix things for us. We all need to make the difference at whatever level we can. If we do not try we have no right to crib about all this. I hate even more when competent people like you make such remarks, who can make some difference.


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