What is charity

What is it that we understand by charity?
As per my understanding it means donating something that you have, willingly, to help someone in their bad times. There should not be a motive or any expectation of getting something back in return, attached to the charity.
But is it so? Does anyone do charity without any self motive?
In the scriptures, we are told to be charitable and in return we would be making our “Karma” of this life good and hence have a better after-life or a good next birth. (Both of which I do not know anybody having a proof of.)
And in the modern days, we are told to take the tickets of some entertainment show or some party, as the proceedings (2% in fine print) is supposed to go for charitable causes.
So what has changed is what you get in return, for the charity that you provide. In previous days, it was the chance of going to heaven after death and nowadays it may be the chance to see some film stars gyrating to the tunes of the latest hit numbers in some glitzy show.
We really do not want to give anything selflessly. We always want something in return whether it is an increased chance of pleasing the Gods or a chance to win a lucky draw in a raffle.
Are the people who buy the raffles, on being told that the proceeds of that would go for a charity, would give up their share of the lucky draw for charity, in case they win the same? One in a million chance! And here I am not talking about philanthropists, I am talking about the common people.
Even if we donate, and there is not a visible motive, then subconsciously, we are afraid that if we do not do so, then what would the people around me say or that the gods would be angry, if we do not help.
So why do people make a fuss about what they did for charity, why are they not simply able to accept the fact that humans are selfish and want a good return for everything that they do? Because if it they were charitable in the real sense, ( I do not deny the fact that some people may be), then they would not be singing about it and even the beneficiary would not know who the benefactor is.


3 thoughts on “What is charity

  1. Hi Shweta, There is nothing like charity, if we give something and name it as charity then it itself is not right thing. Just go and make somebody’s day it will make him happy more than anything. Serve food to one needful with your hand its more than enough for him.Regards,huhuhuhuhuhu42@gmail.com


  2. exactly.agree completely with you..charity shouldnt be forced..it should come from within out of honest urge to help others..people often think of charity like giving alms..I hate when people give old clothes to charity..why not a new one!!!!


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