Any answers?

There are several things (natural phenomena or things that I read or heard) that caught my fantasy as a child. Even now when I come to think of them, I find myself without an answer.
So decided to post them here and if you too have found yourselves wondering about them, then join the club!
The often repeated warning that I heard as a child was not to play too much in the sun – they said it will make the skin dark (you see, the concept of sunscreens had not yet reached the middle class Indian families of those days). Now when any elderly person used to boast of their being worldly wise upon some matter, he/she would often end by saying, “Ye baal dhoop mein safed nahi hue hain.” Which when translated into English would mean – “My hair have not turned white due to being in the sun. They are white because they show the years of experience that I have had.”
[The topics for the elderly were fairly limited like – why someone’s son was not taking care of his parents after he got married or why someone’s daughter was not getting married or how a government office worker had all the novelties of those days like television, refrigerator in the limited income. So of course the experience would be huge, having talked of those topics over and over, with different set of people being judged! Also, we were not allowed to listen to all this gossip. We were simply told, “These things are not for children, go outside and play.” But as we all know now, that the more forbidden a thing is, the more is the fun in getting to it.]
Coming back to the topic, I deduced from that almost cliché one line “ye baal dhoop…”, that the hair can get white by being in the sun. Now I wondered why is it that my skin would become dark while the hair could get white, by the same Sun.
But no answer.
The parts where I lived as a child, which is the North of India, experiences a very harsh summer and even harsher winter. And winters always brought the issue of catching a cold.
My question was “Why does everything else freeze in the winter but my nose becomes runny?”
No answer.
Then the issue of sweating while in the sun. When after washing, the clothes were put out to dry in the Sun, then how come my clothes became all sweaty when I was playing in the Sun?

Now there are a few questions – not natural phenomenon but more from what I read – for which I have formulated my own answers, they may or may not be correct but I am satisfied with the answers that I have.
Like, in a country where it is almost a national crime not to be married, why did Lord Hanuman not take nuptial vows?
The answer came to me while I was returning one late night from the office. Any guesses?
Well, I think that at the beginning of his career he decided to be on a 24 by 7 duty to Lord Rama and hence, by the time he thought of taking the plunge, it might have been too late for him to settle to a normal 9 to 5 job (habits are so difficult to break!). Ideal wife for him would have been an equally career oriented lady but somehow our mythology lacks in such a character, hence the missing suitable bride for our (eligible) bachelor Lord Hanuman!
Next question was why did Lord Krishna have more than sixteen thousand wives?
There were two answers that i could come up with.
First was that since Lord Krishna is supposed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and in another incarnation he appeared as Lord Rama. While as Rama, he had vowed to have a single wife and the consequence was that when Sita (his wife) was abducted by the demon Ravana, he did not have any consort for about eleven years and even after he rescued her after eleven years, he had to abandon her because of the washerman’s accusations!! So in the second incarnation as Lord Krishna, he decided not to repeat the same mistake and risk being without a wife for even a single minute, but in doing so he went slightly overboard.
But there is a second answer too which is – may be at one point of time there was a huge mismatch in the boys (eligible) to girls (all girls are eligible) ratio. But then there was almost contemporarily, another social issue of all the five Pandavas getting married to the same girl Draupadi! So it could be that the Pandavas were so desperate that they could not wait for other four girls to come along with whom they could marry (later each of the Pandavas had at least one more wife, with Arjun having the maximum of the lot!). Now I don’t know for sure whether the polygamous nature of marriages of Lord Krishna and the Pandavas were at the same time or not – if yes, then my theory of ratio mismatch stands good, while if no – then can someone answer this?
Though there are several more of such questions for which I am in the process of finding answers but as of now I feel that this post has become long enough for the readers. So until I get next such attack of “Tell me why”, I will end this post here.
As always, comments are welcome.


6 thoughts on “Any answers?

  1. Someone (Annonymous) has asked me the surname of Lord Krishna. Well if we go by the claims of the Yadav community, then his surname should be Yadav as that’s what the stories tell us – that Krishna belonged to the Yadu vansh.
    As for his having 16108 wives, from what I have read, his 16000 wives were those princesses who were kidnapped by a demon king who had been told that sacrificing them would make him immortal. On the slaying of that demon by Krishna, the girls requested him to marry them as they did not know where else to go, having been kidnapped at a very young age. That’s what the story says.
    As for rest of them I know the stories of Rukmini, Satyabhama, and Jaambvanti but nothing about the rest of the lot.


  2. I would like to know what was Lord Krishna’s surname? The question on lord Krishna having 16108 wives still does not make sense as we should be asking ourselves, Why did He have exactly 16108 wives? If you could answer this id really appreciate it thanks!


  3. Hi Shweta, I am known to you but this is not my real name infact you will always find reply with such funny names by me. I am scared to tell you who I am. I am a daily reader of your stories and facts of life. I njoy it fully or you can say that I am in love with your mind and soul.Answer to your question 1) You will never get your nose wet in winter as our nose cells do get freeze due to which most of the people dont get cold during winter.2) Lord Hanuman has dedicated his complete life in giving respect to Sita Maiya. Every man on this planet(Including me) wants to give as much as respect he can give to his wife and that is what lord hanuman has dedicated his respect all to only Sita Maiya.Yours Truely,


  4. In Lord Krishna’s time everyone used to have multiple wives…Surely there was a huge mismatch in the ratio of girls to boys.Damn it…I missed the time by 5000 yearsAtul


  5. answers:Q1-why the sun turns the skin black while hairs white?A1- This is due to the phenomenon of polymorphism implemented by nature.Q2-Why does everything else freeze in the winter but my nose becomes runny?A2-All mixtures have a lower freezing point as compared to the pure ingredients.Q3-When after washing, the clothes were put out to dry in the Sun, then how come my clothes became all sweaty when I was playing in the Sun?A3-Rate of evaporation is less than the rate of excreating sweat while playingQ4-in a country where it is almost a national crime not to be married, why did Lord Hanuman not take nuptial vows?A4-Its not a national crime, you can say it social injustice or imbalance. For lord Hanuman I will say he might be well aware of the after effects of marriage in satyug, you already said what happend with lord Rama.Q5-why did Lord Krishna have more than sixteen thousand wives?A5-There was no law prohbiting polygamy that timeQ6-what happened to the well read scholar i knew?A6-can someone answer this?…


  6. thats one long story… of reality…These days there are many more deadly deaseases to scare u off from playing in the sun… or hogging at the best eatery etc etc 😦You will have a lot many things you cud use to scare ur children off things 🙂


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