Review – Spiderman3

Today I watched Spiderman 3. It is a well made movie but there was no need of any superheroes or super-villains to tell the story.
The movie shows a myriad of human feelings that anyone of us experiences in the course of our day to day lives – love, betrayal, loneliness, vengeance, success, failure, remorse, guilt, fear ….
But in the end it is all about the choices made by anyone, is what makes the difference – in not only his/her life but in the lives of so many people. People of whose existence one is not even aware of.
The story revolves around Spiderman and the people that he loves the most – M.J., Aunt Meg and his best friend Harry Osborne.
But it is also about the people whom he did not know before.
Flint Marco, who is living under the guilt of having murdered someone (Uncle Ben) unintentionally while at the same time feeling helpless in helping his ill daughter.
Gwen Stacy, who apart from being the police commissioner’s (or whatever is the title) daughter and an aspiring model, is also Peter Parker’s lab partner.
Eddie Brock (Junior), who dates Gwen and would do anything to get a job at Daily Bugle, even if it means besmirching the name of Spiderman by using morphed photographs.
Apart from all these, there is also a symbiotic substance from outer space which finds its way to Peter Parker and binds itself to his suit and grows on the food of Parker’s darker side. The suppressed feelings of hatred, of revenge, of anger on being wronged, all come to the surface when he dons the suit of this substance.

Now, there is Mary Jane who finds all her dreams crushed when she is fired from the broadway musical, the next day of the opening night. But Parker has become too absorbed in himself to notice the loneliness and hopelessness that M.J. is feeling.
Then there is Harry Osborne, who still feels that Peter has murdered his father and wants his revenge and he does so by first threatening M.J. to sever her ties with Peter or else he would kill him.
When Peter finds everything going wrong in his life, he turns to the alien substance which makes him feel powerful. In the process, over time the darker feelings start reigning over him. But one day finally when he hits M.J., then he gets a jolt and it takes all his will power to get rid of this substance, which co-incidentally happens at the time when Eddie Brock is in the church praying for Peter’s death.
The substance binds itself to Eddie and he becomes the new villain.He traps M.J. and then Peter asks for help from Harry, who by now has realized that his father got killed by himself, and so together they fight with Eddie and the Sandman, who is none other than Marco but transformed thus after having been caught in the middle of a particle physics experiment.
The end is more like that of a Bollywood movie in which there are two heroes (who are friends and in love with the same girl) and one heroine, so one of the heroes must die. So Harry is the one to lay his life.
Then the movie ends with Peter and M.J. reunited.
All in all, the movie is fine, good paced and there are no lax moments.
Paisa vasool.


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