Unmaad 2007 – Concert at IIM Bangalore

This year I went to the Unmaad festival of IIM Bangalore for the third year in a row.
Again it was anything but planned, the price of which I had to pay in terms of having to buy the costlier ticket but standing in the lesser priced zone.
Let’s begin from the beginning. At the end of a day with my cousin and his family, I got a call from one of my colleagues, who was at the venue with his family, if I would also like to join.
Since for the last two years, I had been going and enjoyed the concerts, so decided to join them this year too.
(One strange thing which comes to mind now is – for the three years that I have been there, I have had three different sets of people with whom I went to that place. Seems I have become a permanent fixture on the scene while the rest of them have been moving on in life!).
Now, when I reached there, to my disappointment, the tickets of only the higher denominations were left. Nonetheless, since I was already there, so decided to go in even if it meant shelling out a bit more. After having crossed all hurdles, when I reached inside, the Indian Ocean had already started with their performance.
There was a bamboo partition between the areas of higher and the lower priced tickets and since my colleague and family were in the lower priced ticket zone, so I also decided to stand there. (Though the difference in the two places was hardly understandable by me, except that it was slightly closer to the stage which did not really translate into having a better view of the artists).
Anyways, so there I was and listening to Indian Ocean performing the same songs that they did two years back, even the talks in between the songs were the same. Only new addition was there song from the movie Black Friday and one yet to be released song.
I wanted to listen to Junoon and finally their turn came and then the evening turned better with Ali Asgar singing some of the lesser known songs. But when he rendered the Garaj Baras and then the group’s first hit Sayonee, everything seemed fine. (I was not aware before going to the concert that the group had split and the other members of the first hit sayonee were no more with the group. But the other guitarists were quite good, even though all in all it was Ali Asgar’s show rather than the group Junoon which I had first heard to and seen on television)
All in all it turned out to be a pleasurable evening.


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