Morning raga

The mornings of a normal working day sometimes don’t turn out to be that normal! Having been used to a regular schedule, if there is something that is out of the routine, it can leave you in sometimes quite ridiculous situations. Here’s what happened one of those mornings.
Now there is one set of commuters from my bus stop, who come to the stop at the exact moment that the bus arrives.So many a times they feel that they might be late and hence they would call one of us, who are on the stop at least five minutes before the bus actually comes, so that we can ask the driver to wait in case they are one or two minutes late. One can often see them running towards the bus.
Enough for the background. So that fateful morning, what happened was as follows. I was walking towards the stop and there was one huge bus parked because of which the view of that part of the road where my bus stops, was blocked. It was about 3 minutes before the bus arrives, and I saw one of the above mentioned commuters, running, from now on referred to as “A”. When I saw that scene I got panicky. I felt I would miss the bus now. So I started running and at the same time, trying to call up “A” on her mobile so that she can stop the bus. But “A” did not pick up the phone and I saw one bus crossing that big bus that was blocking the view. Now I was totally panicked up. So I hailed the first autorikshaw that was in sight, and asked him to follow that bus. He immediately swung into action and off his auto shot forth like a rocket.
Meanwhile I was trying to call up other commuters on the bus on their mobile phones. But no one was picking up the phone. Now this driver reminded me of the visa(or was that master card) advertisement that featured Pierce Brosnan with a very “efficient” autorickshaw driver. I got the first hand experience of what I was reminded of all Bollywood movies that have a police car chasing the “Don”!! Only thing missing was the background music ! Nonetheless, in the meantime, I was finally successful in reaching one of the girls in the bus on her mobile and I asked her to make the driver stop the bus. And she said that it’s done.
However, what lied ahead of me was that the bus was still going in full speed. So my autorickshaw driver brought his auto in front of the bus and stopped it in such a strategic position that the bus driver had to apply brakes. Finally it seemed that the chase has paid off. So I gave a note to the auto driver and he looked at me with the face that said – “is it ok if I keep the change?” – and since I was happy at the success of the F1 race, I also graciously said, “Keep the change” and went to board the bus.
But not so soon, the story does not end here with the happy ending that is expected from all our stories. Upon entering the bus, what I saw was this – totally new faces staring at me – all with the same expression – “Who is this girl stopping our bus, shaking us from our reverie and then barging in like a cop as if there is a bomb in the bus?” Upon looking at their questioning faces, I asked meekly if that was another one of my company buses and they nodded their heads in negation – still not able to speak because of the shock that I had caused!
Now I could see another one of those company buses going away so I called up “A” again to ask why doesn’t she stop the bus! She said that they are waiting for me and the bus is standing. I got down from this bus and then looked on both sides of the road but could not see any bus [ Mind you, my company bus is not even remotely like the Knightbus of Harry Potter series, which can appear from anywhere ].
Finally after so much action, some wisdom dawned on me and I asked which place was the bus at. And she said it was right at the stop where I had started the chase from! Phew – my whole world of James Bond,F1 racing and Bollywood movies came crashing down and I found myself more in a Pink Panther kind of situation! Nonetheless, I asked them to proceed from there and meet me at the place I had reached.
That was quite a beginning for a day! How many of us get to see so much action in real life? So I would now take it that I was the heroine of the day – after all one needs good comedy actors also! What say?

5 thoughts on “Morning raga

  1. Nice narration Shwets. I’m enjoying reading u’r blog…read a lot of posts here…u write quite well and u’r blogs r so informative…jus like the sessions i used to have with u. Will be back for more 🙂


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  3. Excellent, gripping ..One should learn from her how to make a day-to-day incident sound so funny and interesting, great work, keep it up .. waiting for your first book to be published soon 🙂


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