Concert at IIM Bangalore

The concerts at this year’s Unmaad – The annual festival of IIM, Bangalore, were those of JethroTull and then Jal and Sivamani. I went for the second day in the live concert of the Pakistani band Jal and the legendary drummer of India – Sivamani.
My friends were ready to leave by 6:00 PM as the time on the tickets said 6:30 PM.
Since I had been there last year as well, I was pretty convinced that we are hurrying unnecessarily. Nonetheless, finally we reached there at 7:00 PM but there was total mismanagement at the Institute of Management. There were no directions and we moved with the crowd to end up in a long queue which was just lengthening by the minute. Nonetheless, finally when we got the entry into the grounds, it was already 8:00 PM.
Once inside, we simply waited for the program to start. Finally, it started at about 8:30 PM. Now by that time, three of us were feeling very hungry so we left the crowd to have some fuelling done. And the visibility of the stage was much better from the back so we decided to stay there for awhile.
The Jal band had the crowd singing with it, the songs that made them famous viz. “Wo lamhe”, “Juda ho ke bhi” and so on. Apart from that, they also sang a few tracks from their album, besides singing an old favourite “Damadam Mast Kalandar”.
After their performance, we went ahead towards the stage and parked ourselves in the front row, near the barricade, to have a closer look at the master of drumming Sivamani. And boy, was it a performance! It was sheer magic, with his fingers becoming blurred while he switched between the drums. And the music that he created was simply something primeval. He created a sort of trance which used to break intermittently when he used to show us his trick of juggling with his drum sticks!
After his solo performance, the duo – Jal and Sivamani, presented a jugalbandi and that culminated in a high that the people will not forget easily and that which defines the word – Unmaad!


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