Completing three years in the industry

Today is the date that marks the completion of my three years in the big big software industry.
Overall it has not been as eventful as I had thought while stepping into it. But has not been completely bad also , taking for instance getting a fixed amount into my salary account every month,which helps me in managing my day to day life !!
My career started a bit later than that of some of my batchmates because of the slump that had crept into the industry at the time that I graduated. I must admit that it was a very depressing period and most of the people( including me) who were in the same situation as mine, had a tough time keeping our wits about us !
Nonetheless I started finally with the initial hiccups, as they say.
The batch that I joined with was a huge batch of 90 odd people.That was my first interaction with the people from such varied backgrounds. Soon the batch had regional groups created amongst them.Not that they were unfriendly with others but then like attracts like !
So we had a huge Marathi gang, a Bengali gang, a Tamil gang, a Kannada gang and so on.
It was fun in the training along with loads to learn and some tests to clear.Then suddenly one day we were told that as we are required in the projects ,so the training is being cut short and we had to split to our designated project groups.The split was not only from the training room but also the city as we were sent to the different cities that the company was operating in.
Then upon coming to my project, I had to go some more training specific to the work that I was supposed to do’s a different story that I never got the opportunity to use most of what I had learnt in the training !! And had to work on my own to learn what was realy required in the project.
I worked for some time in the organization , monotonously .. and that’s what prompted me to change the job.
On joining the new organization , the monotony reduced a little bit as I was again into trainings with a whole new set of people to interact with. Have learnt a lot and the process is still going on.As the day ends today and I reflect back as to what have I really done in the last three years, I do not feel very much accomplished, though there might be some people who wouldn’t agree with that. So it seems that it is the time to decide upon some new goals to keep me going. Hopefully I will be able to find some. To end with I remember the lines of the great poet Robert Frost ” And miles to go before I sleep ..and miles to go before I sleep”

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