It’s a small world

It seems that what they’ve been saying since ages is true – it sure is a small world !
I have had many occasions to get the proof of the same and yesterday I had one more small incident in the series. Now without much ado, I will narrate the incident before you.
As usual I was taking my shuttle to home yesterday evening. I was sitting beside Deepa who lives in the apartment across the road to mine.
She asked me if I had any snacks and I told her that I had samosa.
Since she was hungry and hadn’t had anything before boarding the shuttle, she started dreaming about the samosa !
Whilst on the way, I saw one Hot chips shop ( which you would find almost everywhere in Bangalore, wherein they make fresh wafers and other condiments).
And I commented that as these are the speciality of Bangalore ( or may be other places as well, though I am unaware of), similarly in the northern parts of India, one would find the shops called the “halwaai” shops at every nook and corner , where they make samosas and other savouries ( yummy things .. I can almost taste them now !!! ).
Then I also proceeded to tell her that there was one such shop near our apartments as well.
She already knew about the shop and agreed with me that the stuff there is quite good.
I told her that apart from samosas and jilebis(sweets), one can also get stuff like khakra and bhakar-wada there.
I asked her if the second item mentioned above was a speciality of Karnataka or was it a Marathi delicacy.
She replied that it was a Marathi thing.
Now starts the real fun !!
I told her that one of my roomies was from Belgaum and she had told me that it was a speciality of Belgaum, to which Deepa replied that Belgaum is full of Marathis.
I said that I’ve had two roomies from Belgaum at two different times, one of them was a Kannadiga and the other one a Marathi.
Now just on an impulse, Deepa asked me what was the name of the Kannadiga girl and I told her.
She burst out laughing and said that before she became my roomie , she’d been Deepa’s roommate and they separated when Deepa got married.
Amazing how the incident started with a simple samosa and ended with finding a common friend !!!
Now wouldn’t you agree with me that it is a small world ??


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