Sitting Through Trainings

Most of the software professionals would probably have attended some or the other training during the course of their careers.
Anyone would agree that the training experience for the trainee depends on the communication ability of the facilitator.
Agreed that there are certain topics which are so drab that even the best of trainers cannot make interesting e.g. trainings which are full of information that the company wants to communicate to its employee, without expecting them to remember anything after the session !!
But at the same time there are trainings that are important for the trainee and he/she wants to make the best of it. But it’s a huge disappointment if the trainer is simply mumbling in his mouth , even though he/she might have good knowledge about the topic.
Some of you who have still not experienced this , may at least have the experience of sitting in the classes when they would be happier sitting at home and watching some reruns of soaps than sitting in that class.
Now here myn aim is not to give another boring lecture but to cite some of the interesting things that people do to just to keep themselves awake during the class/training.

In a Class [ without a PC at your disposal 😦 ]
1) Play tic tac to ( crosses and zeroes in the grid )
2) Passing pieces of paper with the latest gossips πŸ˜‰
3) Making paper planes and throwing when the teacher is busy writing on the board.(A word of caution , there are some teachers who seem to be having a third eye at the back of their heads and that one comes to know at the end of the semester when you get marks on the performance in class 😦 )
4) Waking up the Picasso in you and creating masterpieces in your notepad.
5) Creativity at its best : creating slogans for the next Graffitti !!!!

Here my imagination is running wild and I am thinking of newer ways that I could have utilised my time while I was still in the above mode. Before I start regretting that, I shall come into the present πŸ™‚ .
So now I will briefly list out the activities that are done in a training room with a PC infront of you.
1) When the trainer is expecting you to pay attention to his slides ( ya the boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ones ),
you are busy chatting with your friends but then that is an art as to how to do that discreetly and people seem to have done Ph.D. in that :-).
2) Playing games and there is no dearth of the same if one is really keen on looking for them on the net [ just take care to mute the speakers πŸ™‚ ]
3) And one of the best things, sms your friends and if the trainer is toooooo boring, then sms the friends to call you up on the cell, so that you can get a reason to step out of the training room !!!
4) Surf the net for anything under the sun – from info about Harappan culture to the latest fads in the town.
5) Check out all the softwares installed on the PC πŸ™‚ , believe me you’ll find so many interesting ones , that you would have never come to know about had you not got the opportunity to sit in that training :-).
6) Solve the crosswords/quizzes etc that are present in abundant amounts on the net.
7) And above all, read the interesting blogs and write some of your own :-).

If any of you have better ideas on making the boriing sessions interesting , then please do give in your comments and you might save someone from getting the urge to strangle the trainer !!!! Social Service , you see πŸ™‚ .

P.S. Most of the above examples are tried and tested by yours truly, so believe me it’s great fun and you feel like really thanking the trainer for giving you this opportunity to explore things and bringing out the creative streak in you, which would not have been possible had the training been interesting !!!!

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