Mango mood

Yesterday while coming for work, I saw a mango tree with the fruits on it, for the first time in this season.(In the north the season hasn't arrived yet but here one can see the mangoes already).That brought back a lot of memories of yesteryears mango seasons.Though mango is liked universally but the charm for... Continue Reading →

A Day’s leave

I recently took a day off from my work as I did not have anything to do at my work place.I thought that I would go out and finish off my pending chores at the bank/post office etc.I assumed that being a working day for the rest of the people, these places would be less... Continue Reading →

Sitting Through Trainings

Most of the software professionals would probably have attended some or the other training during the course of their careers.Anyone would agree that the training experience for the trainee depends on the communication ability of the facilitator.Agreed that there are certain topics which are so drab that even the best of trainers cannot make interesting... Continue Reading →

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