Unity Concert at IIM, Bangalore

As part of the cultural fest IIM, Bangalore , named Unmaad ( meaning joy ) , there was a live performance by the bands “Strings” and “Indian Ocean”, on the 28th of Jan, 2005.
It was named the “Unity” [ for those who are not aware : Strings are a Pakistani group while the Indian Ocean is , as the name suggests, an Indian group. ]
I had not really planned to go to the show but while returning home from work, I heard people talking about the same. It sounded nice, so I decided to give a try at getting the tickets for the same. I called up one of my friends who is a student at IIM, Bangalore and he said that though it’s a remote chance that there would be any tickets/passes available, at the last moment [ the show was to start at 7:00 pm and this conversation was taking place at 6:50 pm. 🙂 ]. I was disappointed and thought that I’d have to spend my evening watching the idiot box.
I reached home by 7:00 and suddenly I got a call from the same friend that he could get two passes and so I can come. It was like music to my ears ” 🙂 .
Then I hurriedly called up my friends who would be interested in going there but no one had returned from their work by that time. As a last resort I called up one of my cousins without hoping that he would be back from work ( from past experiences I knew that any time I would give him a call, he would be sitting at the office ). But as luck would have it, he was home early that day ;-).
I remembered the words of Paulo Koelho , from his novel “The Alchemist” , which goes like “when you really want something to happen , then the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it “.
Then by 8 o’ clock we could finally reach the venue.
At that time , the Indian Ocean was performing. It was a good performance , with all the performers doing justice to the instruments that they were playing.
But the music that they played was not of the type to which one could dance to. It was of the type that one would love to sit back and listen to , but sadly there were no seating arrangements for the category of passes that I had 😦
Then we eagerly awaited the Strings to come and perform. At about 8:45 pm or so, these people left the stage for the Strings to come and perform. Now the real fun began. They started the show and the entire junta was enthralled. They sang their hit numbers like “Chaaye Chaaye”, “Dhaani”, “Na jaane kyun” , “Pal ” etc. After that they also sang some popular hindi numbers like “Om Shanti Om”, “Koi kahe”, “Is pyaar ko main kya naam doon”, “Jaanu meri jaan” .
The best part was that they involved their audience with them and made them sing along :-).
And yes, they called the drummer from the Indian Ocean band to play for them while they were singing the hindi filmi numbers.
Towards the end,the two bands came together on the stage and presented the real unity concert with each of them singing the other one’s country’s songs. They sang numbers like “Afreen Afreen “, “Damadum Mast Kalandar ” and so on and thus the show ended with a huge applause from the audience.
All in all it was a good show and a good experience to remember.


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